Hydraulic valves & cylinders

Hydraulic valves and cylinders are utilized in equipment across a wide range of industries - including construction, manufacturing, and mining.

Quality hydraulic component repairs or replacements.

In industries requiring maximum efficiency and reliability, Allied Hydraulic Service delivers hydraulic cylinder and valve repairs that perform over a long service life. We recognize a broken component risks machine downtime, so our team is dedicated to quickly meeting your hydraulic rebuild, repair, or replacement needs. 

Hydraulic Valves

Allied Hydraulic offers complete valve and hydraulic bank rebuilds and reconditioning at substantial savings. Valves are completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. Pitted and worn spools are pre-ground, chrome-plated, finish ground, and refitted back into the valve body to proper tolerance.

We also provide new directional valves that vary in pressure to meet your application’s requirements. 

Hydraulic Cylinders

Whether you’re working with an inefficient cylinder, or experiencing a devastating failure, Allied Hydraulic Services can help.

We diagnose, test and repair tie rod and welded cylinders for multiple brands. Rods are polished or replaced to remove imperfections and all tubes are honed to assure concentricity and finish. All cylinders are tested for internal and external leakage.

Signs your cylinder needs repaired:

  • Actuator starts to slow down
  • Abnormal sounds such as banging or a “stilted/jerking” sound
  • Compromised cylinder mounting
  • Cracked piston, barrel, or other components
  • The piston is wearing on one side
  • Leaking fluid

Not all cylinder issues offer warning signs. Sudden failures require emergency repair services. Our team of skilled technicians can rapidly respond to your emergency situation to minimize downtime and prevent further damage to your equipment.

Allied Hydraulic repairs most brands of pumps and motors, as well as custom design and fabrication of Hydraulic Power Units.

Based on our customer’s preferences, we offer technical advice to either repair, rebuild or replace hydraulic systems.

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